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Thank you for your interest in our Personal Attitudes and Experiences survey study. Please read over the consent form below to learn more about the study and to make an informed decision about whether you wish to participate in the study or not. 

Below is the consent form.  Click OK after each block of text, and NEXT at the end of the page.  On the next page, you may then indicate if you consent or do not consent to participate.


Title of Study: Personal Attitudes and Experiences Studies

Members of the Research Team

Chapman University Lead Researcher:
David A. Frederick, Ph.D.
Office: (714) 289-2096

Chapman University Faculty Researchers:

Laura Glynn, Ph.D.
David Pincus, Ph.D.
Tara Gruenewald, Ph.D.
Julia Boehm, Ph.D.
Jo Smith, Ph.D.
Brooke Jenkins, Ph.D.
Vincent Berardi, Ph.D.
Amy Moors, Ph.D.
Jennifer Robinette, Ph.D.
Jason Douglas, Ph.D.

Key Information

You are being asked to take part in a research study. Research studies include only people who choose to take part. The information in this form is meant to help you decide whether or not to participate. If you have any questions, please ask a member of the research team. 


If you agree to participate in this study, the project will involve:

●       People age 18 and over who reside in the United States

●       Procedures will include completing an survey consisting of responding to a series of questionnaires on your personal attitudes and behaviors.

●       Participation in the survey should take about 20 minutes (most people will finish in 10-30 minutes).

●       There are no known risks associated with this study that exceed what would typically be encountered in daily life

●       You will be entered into a lottery drawing to win $250.00


You are invited to take part in this research study. The information in this form is meant to help you decide whether or not to participate. If you have any questions, please ask.

 Why are you being asked to be in this research study?

You are being asked to participate in this study because you are a person aged 18 and over who resides in the United States and can read and write in the English language.

What is the reason for doing this research study?

The goal of this study is to understand people’s personal experiences, attitudes, overall well-being, and experiences in close relationships.

What will be done during this research study?

If you consent to participate in this study after thoroughly reading this form: You will complete a series of various questions and tasks presented to you using the Surveymonkey Software System. Specifically, you will complete several questionnaires using an internet-based survey system that ask questions about your overall well-being, emotions, health behaviors, close relationships, and coping responses.

 How will my data be used?

Your data (the information you provide during participation in all of the study activities) will be examined by the researchers at Chapman University. Data will be marked with a random participant identification code. No personally identifiable information will be collected or linked to your study data.  We may invite you to other studies in the future.

 What are the possible risks of being in this research study?

As with any study involving collection of data, there is the possibility of breach of confidentiality of data but no identifying information is collected in the survey and your identity remains anonymous to the researchers. Other risks in this research include possible emotional and/or psychological distress from answering questions about your thoughts, emotions, coping responses, and well-being in study surveys.

It is possible that other rare side effects could occur that are not described in this consent form. It is also possible that you could have a side effect that has not occurred before.
What are the possible benefits to you?

You are not expected to get any direct benefit from being in this study.

What are the possible benefits to other people?

The benefits to science and/or society may include a better understanding of how individuals respond to and cope with pandemic and related threats.

  What are the alternatives to being in this research study?

You may simply choose not to participate in this study.

 What will participating in this research study cost you?

There is no cost to you to be in this research study.                   

Will you be compensated for being in this research study?

You will be entered into a lottery drawing to win $250 for the survey. At the end of the survey, there will be a link you can click to enter the drawing. This will take you to a separate entry portal so your email address is never connected to your responses.

The drawing will occur within a week of the data collection being completed. If your entry is randomly selected, you will be contacted with payment options. If you discontinue the survey part way through or if you otherwise still would like to be entered into the lottery drawing, please email with the subject line "Lottery Entry".

What should you do if you have a problem during this research study?
Your welfare is the major concern of every member of the research team. If you have a problem as a direct result of being in this study, you should immediately contact one of the people listed at the beginning of this consent form.

How will information about you be protected?
Reasonable steps will be taken to protect your privacy and the confidentiality of your study data. All data collected in this online survey is anonymous.

No identifying information, such as your name or email, is collected during this web-based study.

The data collected from computer-based surveys and assessments will be stored electronically through a secure server and will only be seen by the research team during the study.

The only people who will have access to your research records are the members of the research team, the Institutional Review Board (IRB), and any other person, agency, or sponsor as required by law. Information from this study may be published in scientific journals or presented at scientific meetings but the data will be reported as group or summarized data.  Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.

What are your rights as a research subject?
You may ask any questions about this research and have those questions answered before agreeing to participate in the study or during the study.

For study related questions, please contact the investigator(s) listed at the beginning of this form.

For questions concerning your rights or complaints about the research, contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at (714) 628-2833 or

What will happen if you decide not to be in this research study or decide to stop participating once you start?
You can decide not to be in this research study, or you can stop being in this research study (i.e., “withdraw”) at any time before, during, or after the research begins for any reason. To withdraw, simply close out this Surveymonkey Survey webpage. Deciding not to be in this research study or deciding to withdraw will not affect your relationship with the investigator or with Chapman University. You will not lose any benefits to which you are entitled.

Documentation of informed consent
You are voluntarily deciding whether or not to be in this research study. By selecting the option
below that you agree to participate in the study you are indicati
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