HANDI Member Survey

HANDI has been running for a couple of years now and has grown to a membership of over 1500. We are interested in your views regarding the benefits and limitations of your membership of HANDI and your ideas about developing its future potential.

Thank you for your help!

* 1. Please can you enter some basic information about yourself.

It would be helpful if you can complete all of the fields below (We won't share this information with anyone else) However, we will accept anonymous responses and the only field that is required is your postcode where we ask that you provide us with at least the first part of your postcode.

* 2. What best describes your primary role?

* 3. Do you work in? (select all that apply)

* 4. Your Sex

* 5. Your age

* 6. My main area(s) of work/interest are (select all that apply)

* 7. Tell about your interest with health and care apps/digital tools (select all that apply)

* 8. Please add further comments

* 9. Please Indicate which of HANDI's regional Clusters you would like to participate in

* 10. What things have you found most and least useful about HANDI so far?

  Not Applicable Not at all useful Not very useful Some Use Very useful
Networking with other HANDI members
Attending HANDI events
Confidence to test my ideas
Stimulating innovation in my practice/digital tool development
Identifying funding sources
Developing my business model
Advice on public procurement issues
Advice on diffusion/adoption of digital tool(s) in organisations
Advice on interoperability and/or orchestration of applications
Statutory requirements (e.g. medical device standards; quality)
User feedback on application(s)
Advice on Design and usability
Identifying potential partners/collaborators
Identifying project/consultancy opportunities in digital health
Understanding Government IT strategy (NHS, Local Authority)
Advice on marketing
Peer support
HANDI's role in lobbying for change with Government and Industry
Identification of research opportunities

* 11. How can we improve the value of HANDI to its members?

  Not applicable Not very useful Limited use Some use Very useful
More regional events
More national events
More online events (webcast, tweetchats etc)
More resources on website
Advice on on sources of funding
Advice on interoperability/orchestration
Advice on development approaches and tools
Advice on statutory and other quality standards
Advice on Design and Usability
More public/user/carer involvement

* 12. Are you able to contribute to the future success of HANDI in relation to:

  Yes Maybe No
Time to attend meetings
Presenting your work/ideas at meetings
Writing articles/comment pieces for publication
Promoting HANDI to my network contacts
Time to maintain and/or develop website
Adding resources to the website in your field of expertise/interest
Contribution to web/Tweet chats
Financial investment/identifying funding sources
Membership fee (c. £75 p.a. individual)
Helping to write funding bids
Support to colleagues (e.g. mentoring.critiquing ideas)
Teaching/training public regarding digital/apps
Teaching/training health and care professionals regarding digital/apps
Involvement in planning/strategy for HANDI
IT policy advice
Management/implementation consultancy
Identifying/connecting with other partners/members
Testing apps/tools in your environment/service
Evaluating quality of digital tools/"kite-marking"
Technical advice
Design/usability advice
Research/evaluation expertise
Helping others understand digital regulatory aspects
Marketing opportunities for digital applications to the NHS sector
Marketing opportunities for digital applications to Local Authority sector
Business models for digital development
International networks

* 13. What is the most useful thing HANDI has been able to do for you so far?

* 14. Please tell us what you would like HANDI to do for you in the future?

* 15. Are you happy for your answer to the above question to be quoted in HANDI development plan material and attributed to you personally?

* 16. I would like to receive (please tick which apply)