The following section will be used to gather feedback on APOPO's website,

* 1. Please indicate where you live.

* 2. Where do you find most of your information about APOPO?

* 3. What is the primary reason you visit APOPO's website?

* 4. Please rate each of the following aspects of APOPO's website.

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Overall website design
Ease of navigation
Timeliness of updates
Ease of sharing information with others through social networks
Accuracy and reliability of information
Quality and style of writing
Overall brand representation
The following section refers to APOPO's online donation system. If you have never donated to APOPO, please skip this section and scroll to the end of the survey to submit your answers.

* 5. If you have donated to APOPO's work in the past, which method(s) have you used to donate?

* 6. What prompted you to donate to APOPO's work?

* 7. Please tell us if you found the donation process easy.

* 8. Would you donate to APOPO's work again?