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Thank you for your interest in the Live Course “Career Road Map 4.0”. Below are several questions so we can get to know you better. Please submit the form by February 8, 2019 to be considered and make sure your answers are as truthful and detailed as possible.

Only 10 slots left for each breakout room for 10 first registrations!
We look forward to seeing you!

***You can join either one of two breakout rooms:
Breakout room #01: Business/ Management Consulting/ Accounting & Finance/ Investment Banking/Private Equity/Hedge Fund & more

Breakout room #02: STEM & Computer Science
Event highlights:
The Live Workshop: Career Roadmap 4.0 (Feb 10) will provide a CLEAR Step-by-step Career Roadmap, which focuses on Technical skills and Soft-skills Building & Timeline Plans, which are recommended by Industry Experts.

Student attendants also will have the opportunity to experience day 01 of CPI training program: (1) Career roadmap building, (2) Profile & Resume building, (3) Interview prep & simulations with industry experts - specially designed for Freshman, Sophomore & Junior college students in the US.

Scholarship - Spring 2019 Announcement. 

The session is designed by 5 industry experts & CPI career advisors:
1. Mr. Tuan Thi:
Senior Research Engineer, Computer Visions, Amazon, Seattle
Former Senior Software Engineer, Trip Advisor
Cofounder & CTO, EyeQ Tech
Lead Career Advisor, Computer Science, CPI

2. Mr. Bien Ngo
Head of Quantitative Engineering, Simon Markets LLC, New York
Former VP of Quantitative Strategy, Goldman Sachs

3. Mr. Anh Tran
Principal, Hedge Fund, P2 Capital Partners, New York
Former Investment Professional: Tailwind Capital Partners, Piper Jaffray - Healthcare New York
Lead Career Advisor/ Investment Banking/Private Equity/ Hedge Fund, CPI

4. Tony Duong
Senior Management Consultant, PwC, New York
Former experiences: BlackRock - Investment Management Group; KPMG, EY
Cofounder & CEO, CPI

5. Mr. Minh Le
Instructional Media Developer, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York
Cofounder & CTO, CPI

***Q&A with 2018 CPI successful students:
1. Nam Nguyen, Drexel University, Summer 2019 Investment Management Analyst at Goldman Sachs (San Francisco)

2. Chloe Thao Tran, New York University, Summer 2019 Investment Banking Analyst at The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC, one of the "Big Five" banks in Canada, Global Infrastructure & Power group, New York)

We look forward to seeing you!

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