Hello ArrowCreek resident – please take a few moments to fill out the following survey - the first of a series of surveys aimed at getting your feedback and growing community engagement. The Board of Directors needs your opinions to inform their decision making as we go through our Strategic Planning process, aimed at making ArrowCreek a better community for all its residents while increasing property values. We want as much input as possible, so please ask other adult members of your household to complete a separate survey. Thank you for your time.

* 1. What initially attracted you to purchase or rent a home at ArrowCreek? (Rank top 5)

* 2. Why did the above attract you to ArrowCreek (your top five in question 1)?

* 3. What amenities, services or qualities keep you in ArrowCreek today? (Rank top 5)

* 4. Why do you like the above (your top five in question 3)?

* 5. Which HOA amenities or services need the most improvement? (Rank top 5)

* 6. For the services or amenities you identified in question 5, how should they be improved?

* 7. Which HOA amenities or services are the least important to you? (Rank top 5)

* 8. Why are the above less important to you (your top 5 in question 7)?

* 9. What ideas do you have to build a stronger sense of community in ArrowCreek?

* 10. What are some ways to build a bridge between ArrowCreek HOA and The Club at ArrowCreek?

* 11. What is the best way to get important HOA information to you?

* 12. How would you rate the value you get in services and amenities for your monthly HOA assessment fee?

* 13. Currently each homeowner pays $218 per month in assessment fees. Would you be willing to pay more to enhance programs, amenities and services?

* 14. If you answered yes to question 13, how much additional per month would you be willing to pay in assessment fees?

* 15. Do you own or rent a home in ArrowCreek?

* 16. How long have you lived in ArrowCreek?

* 17. How many people are in your household?

* 18. How many children under 18 in your household?

* 19. What is your employment status?

* 20. Are you a member of the Club at ArrowCreek?

* 21. Is ArrowCreek your full-time residence?

* 22. Would you like to see more activities/events organized by the HOA?

* 23. If yes to the question above, would you be willing to pay a nominal fee to participate?

* 24. The mission of the HOA is to enhance and protect property values. How is the Association doing in accomplishing this mission? (What grade would you give)

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