Why a survey?

We have partnered with ADVISORS with Purpose to assist our friends in the areas of will and estate planning. For more information about ADVISORS with Purpose and the ways they can help you, please call ADVISORS with Purpose at 866-336-3315 or visit www.advisorswithpurpose.ca

What others are saying about the work of ADVISORS with Purpose

“My husband and I knew that we wanted to make provision in our estate planning for charity. We just didn't know the best way to go about it. Advisors with Purpose made it easy for us to make an informed decision and then to carry on with the necessary paper work. The personalized binder that we received was comprehensive and easy to follow.”

Judy van Gent, Oshawa, ON

“This year my husband and I met with an estate specialist from Advisors with Purpose. The process was so easy and we were surprised and delighted to see that we are able to leave a wonderful legacy of generosity and stewardship to our children. And by including a Child called Charity in our will, we are thrilled at how generous we can be towards a few charities we love and whose mission we are committed to.”

Doris Olafsen, Vancouver, BC

“We were not aware of all the ways that estate planning could benefit us but wanted to ensure we gave this act of stewardship the right focus and priority. We found the folks at Advisors with Purpose easy to talk with and they helped greatly to clarify the process. We were also really pleased to learn ways to maximize what we are able to leave to both our children and charity. Thank you all for walking us through this.”

Larry and Carolyn Mack, Ottawa, ON

ADVISORS with Purpose

ADVISORS with Purpose is a ministry of the Canadian National Christian Foundation and helps Christian ministries meet the needs of their donors in the areas of charitable estate planning as well as capital gain issues relating to the sale of long-term capital assets. In both areas their desire is to be a blessing to those individuals they serve by minimizing taxes, providing for their families and retirement, and increasing charitable gifts.

For the Christian, estate planning may be the most important act of stewardship he or she will ever undertake. Sadly, the traditional planning approach has been to find ways to pay taxes at the time of death making the government an unintentional, but major beneficiary. We have asked ADVISORS with Purpose to make their services available to you without cost or obligation. They do not sell insurance or any other product; they will simply study your information and develop a plan that will maximize your goals for family and ministry while minimizing or even eliminating taxes. Your personal financial information will never be shared with us and will be held in the strictest confidence by their professional associates.

We trust that what they do will be a blessing to you, your family, and the Kingdom.