Export Assistance Scholarship Application

Greater Portland Inc has a limited amount of funding to help firms - including women, minority, and veteran-owned companies - cover the cost of training and advising in advance of their first sales mission. Business owners, please complete the application below if you would like to be considered for a scholarship.

To learn more about this program, visit greaterportland2020.com/export.

Let's begin:

* 1. Your contact information

* 2. Is your firm organized or incorporated in the United States?

* 3. Has your firm been in business for at least one year?

* 4. Does your business have sufficient resources to cover the costs of exporting, including the costs of packing, shipping, freight forwarding, and customs brokers?

* 5. Are at least 75 percent of your firm's employees based in Oregon and/or Washington?

* 6. Is your firm promoting its own product or service that is export ready and is Oregon or Washington manufactured, processed, or value-added?

* 7. Can your firm commit at least one full-time, U.S.-based employee for the duration of this program?

* 8. Is your business owned by a woman, minority or veteran?