All Participation is voluntary. You may choose to answer this survey or not. If you choose not to, your decision will NOT affect the health care you get in any way. Answering all questions will help us get a better understanding of the care you are receiving, however if you choose to answer this survey, you do not have to answer all the questions included if you are uncomfortable doing so.

All answers are private and protected. This survey is designed to be anonymous. All of the information provided will be kept private and confidential.  If you would like specific feedback on your answers or concerns, you have the option of entering your name at the end of this survey. If you do provide your name, we will not share your individual personal information with anyone outside the clinic. The answers you provide will NOT negatively affect the care that you receive. We may compare La Esperanza's overall data to other centers across the state or nation so we can understand how we are performing and areas for improvement.

Thank You for agreeing to take the La Esperanza Patient Experience Survey. This Survey plays an important part in helping La Esperanza improve our patient care and your experiences during each visit. We appreciate you taking the time to complete the following survey. This survey should take between 5-7 minutes. All your answers will be anonymous and confidential unless you ask the center to follow-up with you at the end of this survey. All responses will be compiled and looked at as a group to help us better understand our patients and the care we are providing.