1. Consent

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* You are invited to participate in an educational research study designed to better understand naturopathic physicians and their training. There are no right or wrong answers to the following questions. As your responses will remain anonymous and confidential, your candid answers for how you feel at this point in time are appreciated. There are no known risks associated with participating in this research except that you may feel some emotional discomfort about answering certain questions. You may choose to skip any questions that you don’t want to answer.

To protect the confidentiality of your responses, the surveys are coded by a letter code that only you will know. The reason we use a code at all is so that we may track your responses over time if we re-survey you in a few years. The surveys will be securely stored at the Bastyr University Research Institute and will be destroyed by 1/1/2016. Only researchers who are part of this study and have signed confidentiality agreements will have access to the survey information.

Although you may not directly benefit from completing this survey, the knowledge gained from this study may be useful for future development of the naturopathic program and for researchers of medical education in general. Your participation in this research is completely voluntary and you may refuse to participate or discontinue the survey at any time without penalty.

This research has been reviewed by the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB). If you have any questions about participating in this survey please contact Dr. Oberg or the Office of Research Integrity at Bastyr University at (425) 602-3416.

Indicate your consent to proceed by acknowledging that you have read and understand this document.