Oysterponds Historical Society, PO Box 70, Orient, NY 11957

The North Fork United Methodist Church has announced plans to sell the Orient Methodist Church and Hallelujah Park and is now moving forward to proceed with a sale.  

The Oysterponds Historical Society (OHS) has been meeting with various community groups, the North Fork United Methodist Church and representatives of Suffolk County and the Town of Southold to explore the future of the Church and Park, which have been a fixture in this community since 1835.

We now need to gauge the commitment of Orient to preserve the Church and Hallelujah Park as a community resource. If there is strong support, OHS will work to find a mechanism to preserve this property, hopefully with governmental, foundation and individual support.

If there is not a strong commitment to do so, the property will likely be sold to a private buyer and converted to a home.  The exterior of the church building is protected as part of the historic district but the interior and the landscape are not protected.  It is possible that commercial use could be contemplated as well as additional structures and private amenities in the landscape.

* 1. Should the Oysterponds Historical Society work with government agencies, other community groups, foundations, and private individuals to preserve the Orient Methodist Church so that it can be preserved as a community resource?

* 2. If we do commit to preserving the Church and Park as a community resource, it will take extensive support of the whole community to accomplish the purchase, to restore the Church and to help maintain it. 

Please tell us how you can help in these efforts (check all that apply):

* 3. The goal of this survey is to get your views on the acquisition.   

If we are successful in preserving the Methodist Church building and Hallelujah Park as a community resource, OHS is committed to working together with all community members and groups to hear concerns and develop ideas about how the building and park can best be used.  We will have a comprehensive process and plan for community input at that time.  

We do want to hear any ideas and concerns that you do have now so please feel free to use the space below to share with us your ideas on how the building and park could best be used.  

We would like to make all comments public so please check the appropriate box below if you give us permission to attribute your comment (first name and last name initial only) or if you wish it to remain anonymous.

* 4. Please enter your name, address, telephone and email in the space below in the event that we need to reach out to you for questions, clarifications and/or further information. All information will be retained by OHS for our records only and will not be shared.