A writers meet-up would be a regularly scheduled groupĀ thatĀ gathers in a casual environment for the purpose of writing in community, from generating new material to focusing on current projects to sharing information and creative energy.

* 1. If you're local to the Milwaukee area, how often would you to drive to West Allis, WI for a writers meet-up?

* 2. If distance was an issue, would connecting online (Google hangouts, Skype, etc.) make it more likely for you to participate?

* 3. If you were able to participate, online or in person, how long would you be willing to meet?

* 4. What would you like to see in a meet-up, as far as structure? (Check all that apply.)

* 5. What fee structure best fits your needs and expectations for a regularly scheduled writers meet-up?

* 6. Other thoughts, ideas, or additional suggestions? Meaning, what am I forgetting?