Baltimore NetSquared has now been meeting for 9 months. For people who are committed to changing the world, it has provided a place to learn, share, and exchange information about how to leverage technology.

As our meetings grow, I want to make certain that initial decisions about the meeting's time and location still work for the group. Can you help by answering a few quick questions about when and where you'd like to meet?

If you have any feedback or questions about Baltimore NetSquared, please contact Kate Bladow at

You can also join the Baltimore NetSquared Meetup Group at

Thank you!

* 1. What topics do you want to cover at Baltimore NetSquared?

* 2. When would you prefer to meet?

  7 am Noon 5:30 pm 6 pm 7 pm 8 pm

* 3. Where in Baltimore would you prefer to meet?

* 4. Is there anyone we should make certain to invite to participate? (If so, who?)

* 5. Is there anything about Baltimore NetSquared that we should change?

* 6. Would you be interested in helping to organize Baltimore NetSquared events?

* 7. Tell us about yourself.