The introduction

Thank you for your interest in the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline’s (TTP) Candidate Skill Assessment. The goal of this assessment is to identify individuals who are great candidates for early-career, in-demand developer jobs in New York City. Through a mix of code-challenge questions, application building, and in-person coding and interview questions, candidates have the opportunity to demonstrate they have the skills NYC’s businesses are looking for: the ability to use code and critical thinking to solve problems, communication skills, and additional items including passion for tech. This program is designed for individuals who are underrepresented in NYC’s technology ecosystem.

What to Expect

There are three parts to the assessment and a survey to collect some basic information about you and your interests. Candidates who demonstrate they have the skills NYC’s tech businesses are looking for will be eligible to be referred to our employer partners.

Prerequisites: Tell Us About You
Before your begin the assessment, we’ll ask you some basic questions about you, your interests and your background in the following survey.
Stage 1: Coding Challenges
Candidates who meet requirements and complete the prerequisite section will be invited to demonstrate proficiency through a few basic coding challenges. Individuals who do well on Stage 1 will be invited to continue on to Stage 2. 

Stage 2: Application Build
We’ll send you some specs and ask you to build an application to showcase your skills for specific roles.

Stage 3: In-person Interview
We’ll invite you to meet with us for a technical and behavioral interview to review your code and your résumé as the final step in the process.

What we’re looking for

We will be reviewing your submissions and measuring your ability to use code and critical thinking to solve problems. To learn more about the skills we’re measuring, be sure to read through resources available on for more information.

Get Started

This interest form, beginning on the next page, asks for some basic information about you and your interests. There are also a few long answer questions about your background and experiences to date. If you would like to skim through the entire application before submitting it, you can provide "placeholder" answers where helpful to scroll ahead and go back to fix those answers before submitting.

Good luck!