Keyser Public Library - Children's Programming Survey

1.With 5 being most favorable and 1 being least favorable, what is your general feeling about library programming?
2.Do you have children/grandchildren?
3.Do you/your children participate in our programming?
4.Are you/your children interested in any current programs?
5.What are the ages of your children?
6.What do you like or dislike about the current programs?
7.Our afternoon programs are currently on Tuesdays from 4-4:45pm at Trinity Lutheran Church. Would any other days/times/locations suit you/your children better?
8.Would you/your children prefer the weekly activities? Or would you/your children prefer monthly / season programs?
9.What kinds of programs (ours or other) would you/your children be interested in?
10.If you have any suggestions for current or potentially future programs, please include those here:
Current Progress,
0 of 10 answered