Online Trail User Survey
This survey is an important tool for learning about how people use the Centennial Trail. The goals of the survey are to develop a trail user profile, look for safety hazards, discover specific ways people use the Centennial Trail, and determine how the trail system benefits the communities it serves. The information gathered by the survey will help the Snohomish County Parks Department to plan for future improvements to the existing trail and to develop other funding sources such as grants for future trail connections to other parts of the community. Your feedback and input is appreciated.
Demographics Questions

The first group of questions will help us to create a demographic profile of trail users. Demographics tell us information such as how people of different age groups, backgrounds and geographic locations use the trail.

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. What is your zip code? This is important in determining where future parking and trail extensions may go.

* 4. What is your occupation?

Trail Use Questions

This section asks questions about how you use the trail, when you use the trail, and how far you go. This information will help us create a trail user profile and plan for future improvements to the trail.

* 5. Where do you usually enter the trail? Please give an address, major intersection, or other significant landmark.

* 6. Where do you usually exit the trail? Please give an address, major intersection, or other significant landmark.

* 7. Please estimate your average total distance traveled on the trail per visit in miles.

* 8. Please estimate the average time you spend on the trail each visit:

* 9. What activities(s) do you do on the trail?

* 10. What is usually the purpose of your use of the trail?

* 11. Generally, when do you use trail?

* 12. How many days in the last year have you used the trail?

* 13. When you use the trail, by which method do you usually reach the trail from your home or starting point of your trip?

* 14. If your non-motorized trip begins before you enter the trail or continues beyond the trail, what is usually the total distance of your trip in miles [including trail miles]? Please indicate where you start your trip i.e. your zip code or a major cross street rather than where you enter the trail.

Safety and Accident Questions

These questions give us an idea of where potential safety hazards may exist based on where accidents happen on the trail. The location of accidents lets us know where to look for safety hazards and correct them.

* 15. How many accidents have you been involved with or aware of on the trail in the last year?

* 16. Please describe the approximate location and any other important details of each accident.

Feedback on the Trail

This section asks for your feedback on the trail and issues related to how you use the trail. These questions let us know what services you may want to see on the trail in the future and how you would like to be involved in future trail planning.

* 17. Please look at the events on the list below that were held on the trail in the last year. If you attended one or more of these events, please indicate which ones you participated in.

* 18. Pleas indicate which of the following events you plan on attending or are interested in attending next year on the trail. If there is an event that you know of on the trail that is not listed, please check other and describe it.

* 19. Are you interested in staying informed of future Snohomish County Parks events and meetings? If so, please type in an e-mail address, or, please contact us at to sign up.

* 20. Please leave your comments, thoughts, ideas & feedback on trails and trail use.

* 21. Do the Centennial Trail or other trails in Snohomish County encourage you to get outdoors for recreation more often?

* 22. If the Centennial Trail or other trails in Snohomish County do encourage you to get outdoors for recreation more often, what kind of recreational gear have you purchased in the last year as a result?

* 23. Are you interested in becoming more involved with the planning and volunteer work on the Centennial Trail? The Centennial Trail Coalition of Snohomish County is a volunteer organization involved with planning, advocacy and volunteer projects relating to trails in Snohomish County. If you would like to find out more about the Centennial Trail Coalition of Snohomish County, please leave your e-mail address and we will send you a reply with information about the Snohomish Trail Coalition.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Snohomish County Parks Department's on-line trail user survey. Your feedback and comments are important and valuable. If you have any additional comments, questions and ideas, please feel free to contact us at