About the Program & Selection Criteria

The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) is pleased to announce the launch of this year’s Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities (ASHC) Technical Assistance (TA) Program. The AHSC TA program provides direct application assistance and capacity building services for potential applicants to the FY 2017-2018 AHSC Program (Round 4). These services are offered at no cost to the TA recipient and are available statewide.

The goal of the AHSC TA Program is to ensure that disadvantaged, low-income communities and AHSC applicants with limited capacity to complete a rigorous application process, have access to the resources and tools to successfully compete in the AHSC program. The SGC will be responsible for allocating TA resources and services.

If interested in receiving TA for a potential AHSC project, please complete the informational form below by Wednesday November 21st 2018. The information collected will help determine overall TA need. SGC Staff will assess the collected information and allocate TA resources according to the following criteria:

  • TA Needs: Estimate the level of assistance and specific services necessary to help the TA recipient submit a competitive application.
  • Project Viability & AHSC Threshold Requirements: Likelihood that the proposed project will meet the AHSC Guidelines’ threshold requirements by the time of submission.
  • Geographic Diversity: Consider the geographic diversity of interested TA recipients, being cognizant of the split between urban, suburban, and rural projects, as well as the proportion of funding that has gone to different regions of the State in the first 3 rounds.
  • Value Add: Consider whether the potential applicant is accessing other TA or consultant-based resources and the unique value add that SGC’s TA resources can bring.
  • Disadvantaged, Low-Income, and/or Tribal Community: Priority may be given to applicants serving these communities.

Based on the above criteria, the SGC will determine if the potential AHSC applicant will receive services in preparation for the upcoming funding round (October 2018 – February 2019), or longer-term capacity-building services to prepare for a future AHSC funding round.

SGC anticipates beginning services with TA recipients in late November. Additionally, there will be ongoing opportunities to engage technical assistance providers outside of this intake process as the funding round continues. For questions, please contact Coral Abbott at SGC at coral.abbott@sgc.ca.gov or (916) 322-6072.