* 1. How many fantasy football leagues did you play in last season?

* 2. Which league scoring do you prefer?

* 3. Do you like having the league divided into multiple divisions?

* 4. Which free agent bidding system do you like?

* 5. Would you prefer a format in which each owner plays two games per week? To encourage the best teams finishing where they deserve, owners would play one game against a random opponent and another against the average.

* 6. Which starting lineup do you prefer?

* 7. Would you play in a league that removed kickers and defenses from team's starting lineups?

* 8. How do you want your payout to be divided?

* 9. Do you like leagues that allow trading?

* 10. Do you like leagues with two week playoffs? This format has just the four best teams making the playoffs. In week 13 and 14, there are games between the 1st and 4th seeds and the 2nd and 3rd seed. The two winners of these games would square off during weeks 15 and 16.

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