Fleet Survey for the US International 14 Fleet

We want your feedback!   This Survey is open to ALL 14 sailors past, present and future and any and all friends of the fleet.   This will help us focus on the right things moving forward and we'll share all the results.   Thanks for your time and help!

* 1. Hey 14er!... tell us about yourself (mark all that apply)

* 2. Why are you attracted to the 14 Fleet?  (mark all that apply)

* 3. Growing the Fleet:  What should the US-14 Fleet Focus on to improve?    Rank the following 1-10:  10 is most important, 1 is least important)

* 4. What you thinkin'?   In your opinion, what issues may be holding our fleet back?

* 5. Feedback, Suggestions or Comments on how you feel we can improve, promote, or make the fleet more fun?

* 6. Are you wiling to help us promote, strengthen, and grow the fleet?

* 7. Got Skills?  We can use your help!  Tell us which of the following you can assist with:  (mark all that apply)

* 8. Want to let us know who you are?    Name and email are fine - anonymous cool too.

* 9. Additional Comments