1. Default Section

* 1. When you hit REPLY on your email program, in response to a posting on thehive, one of two things can be preprogrammed to happen. Either your reply will go only to the original poster of that message, or it will go out to ALL subscribed members, currently around 150.

In mature lists, where there is good posting discipline, sharing replies to ALL increases the value of the list. You would still have the ability to respond privately by changing the addressee from 'thehive', but the default would be to ALL.

We originally set up this list with the TO ALL option, but reverted TO SENDER after a lack of posting discipline lost us some subscribers.

We have had some queries about trying TO ALL again, and would like to see how the members feel about this.

* 2. Name under which you are subscribed to NRVBA's TheHive Listserver