Section A: Background Information

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) provides major funding to the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) in support of nanoscale science and engineering research. In addition, NSF has directed NNIN to increase awareness among researchers of social and ethical issues (SEI) related to nanotechnology. By completing the Ethics Module that follows you will help NNIN fulfill its SEI mission. All responses will be kept strictly confidential. They will not be linked to specific individuals and will be analyzed only in groups. The questionnaire should take about 18 minutes to complete.

* 1. Please enter your name so we can credit you for having completed the Ethics Module. Your identity will NOT be linked to the answers you give to the questions that follow.


* 2. Age:

* 3. Gender:

* 4. Race / Ethnicity:

* 5. Citizenship:

* 6. Native language:

* 7. Education (check the highest degree or equivalent degree completed):

* 8. Occupation (check the phrase that best expresses how you see your occupation):

* 9. Type of Organization (check the type of organization with which you are primarily affiliated):

* 10. Current Position (check one only):

* 11. Have you ever taken a class in which ethical issues closely related to science, technology, and/or engineering were discussed?

* 12. Regarding that class, please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each of the following statements:

----- In that class, discussion of ethical issues related to science, technology, and/or engineering was...

  Strongly disagree Disagree Agree as much as disagree Somewhat agree Strongly agree
A. frequent
B. in-depth
C. valuable

* 13. Regarding that class, was it... (check one)

* 14. Regarding that class, it was...(check one)

* 15. In what GENERAL AREA of study is your highest degree? (check one)

* 16. Within that general area, in what SPECIFIC DISCIPLINE is your highest degree, e.g., electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biology, etc.? Your specific discipline is:

* 17. At this point in your studies or career, to what degree is nanotechnology the FOCUS of your research? Nanotechnology is…

* 18. In the past, how frequently have you THOUGHT ABOUT ethical issues related to…

  Never Rarely/seldom Sometimes Often
A. the researcher’s conduct in the research lab?
B. the researcher’s conduct in the publication process?
C. the researcher’s conduct in interacting with representatives of institutions like government, business, the legal system, and the mass communication system?
D. applications of research and their effects on society?
E. applications of research and their effects on the environment?

* 19. In your conversations with work colleagues, HOW FREQUENTLY has discussion of ethical issues related to nanotechnology occurred?

NOTE: if you clicked 'Never,' skip to Section B. Otherwise, go to the next question.

* 20. Please indicate the POSITION of the work colleague with whom you’ve TALKED THE MOST about ethical issues related to nanotechnology. (Check one)