Peters Cleaning Services

Moving house can be an exciting yet stressful time. If you have been renting a property you will have to return it into the actual landlord or estate in its"original condition". Please ensure to check on your actual broker's requirements or guidelines to give them to your cleaner on the day.Our high standard of cleaning sets us apart from other vacate cleaning firms in Melbourne. The experienced vacate cleaning teams leave no corner unturned, no spots missed, no surface left unattended without a dust left behind. As a result, we ensure your Bond Back. Our cleaners are trained specialists who provide their own cleaning equipment as well as chemicals, taking all of the stress away from you. Every property will experience wear and tear however, having a professional wash can minimise the look of wear and tear -- ensuring that you get your bond back! Our vacate cleansers will clean to a property's requirements (often printed out and given to the tenant when vacating). But if no prerequisites are provided our cleaners will wash to the market standard.