Survey Overview

This survey is part of a program called the Veteran Leader Corps (VLC). The VLC is a program of Points of Light. This program looks to ease military veterans’ transition to civilian life. Two strategies are employed: (a) engage veterans in their communities through volunteer service projects, and (b) provide job readiness support to help prepare them for civilian jobs.

VLC is implemented in a number of cities across the U.S., through partnerships with community-based organizations. You have come in contact with one of those organizations: Still Serving Veterans in Huntsville, AL. VLC truly seeks to meet the needs and desires of the people it serves. In order to do so, information must be collected from participants. This information allows VLC to learn more about these participants and to tailor its programs and services. This information also allows VLC to evaluate itself, to see if it’s making a difference in people’s lives.

Whether you decide to complete this survey is your choice. It is optional, and you have the right to refuse. You also have the right to skip certain questions if you are uncomfortable with them. Please know that all information that is provided here is strictly confidential: it will only be seen by the program staff, and by the Points of Light evaluation team based in Atlanta, GA. No information that can identify you will be shared.

The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete. You will find a series of questions about your background, your relationship to your community, and your preparedness for the civilian workforce. We encourage you to please be as honest as possible with your answers. There is no right or wrong answer.

If you have any questions, please ask the Still Serving Veterans staff who handed you this survey. You can also contact Kim Walker at Points of Light at 404.979.2724 or

Thank you for your participation!

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