School District #40 needs to secure School Buses for our Queensborough High School Students

High school students in Queensborough are without reliable bus service to New Westminster Secondary School (NWSS).

Queensborough tax payers, parents and students have a right to petition the School District #40 to provide school buses for safe transportation to their high school in New Westminster. Currently, students rely on TransLink's bus system.  Providing school buses will also free up availability of TransLink buses for our Queensborough community residents on the transit system.

Please complete this brief 4 question petition to add your voice to this issue and let's get our kids to school safely and reliably!  Thank you.

* 1. Do you want New Westminster School District#40 to secure a bus to take high school students from Queensborough to NWSS?

* 2. Do you live in New Westminster, BC?

* 3. Do you live in Queensborough?

* 4. For your vote to count, please enter your full name.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey!