1. Australian Stroke Survivor and Carer Needs Assessment Survey

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey. It will help us to know how you are getting on since your stroke and if your needs were or are being met. This information is important for helping us plan and develop community services and support strategies for stroke survivors and their carers. The information that you provide is anonymous and confidential.

A NEED is something or help from someone that would help you to overcome some of the effects of your stroke, including side effects from procedures, treatments and medications.

- The questionnaire should take less than 20 minutes for you to complete.

- Please answer all questions. We know that some questions might not seem relevant to you personally, but please try to answer them all as best you can.

- Complete the electronic survey yourself. However, if you are unable to, then a carer or relative may help you.

- If you need to take a break from the survey, it is okay to stop entering on the survey and resume at a later time.

- Most questions give you a choice of two or more possible answers. Please highlight with your mouse and click on the circle beside the one choice which is relevant to you.

eg. Are you aged 18 years or more?
O Yes
O No

If you would prefer to complete the survey by telephone, please contact the National Stroke Foundation on 1800 787 653 in order to organise an appointment time for a telephone interview .

Results from this study will be available on the National Stroke Foundation website (www.strokefoundation.com.au) once the study has been completed.

At the end of the questionnaire there is a small section detailing questions for your CARER or support person.

A CARER is someone who provides support or care for you in your everyday life. This might be your spouse, other relative or a friend. We would like to know if their needs have been met or what issues they may have faced in providing a caregiver role.

We would appreciate if you could ask your CARER or support person to complete these questions.

6% of survey complete.