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* 1. My business is simply a vehicle to attain the quality of life I aspire to and the income to support it.

* 2. I am not yet living the quality of life I wish.

* 3. I need more income to support my desired quality of life.

* 4. I feel my business controls me.

* 5. I have a road map (strategic action plan) for my business to follow to attain the income and quality of life I want.

* 6. I have a dashboard of gauges which monitor and help me control critical operational elements of my business?

* 7. I have a GPS to keep me on track and follow my progress to my goals.

* 8. My current CPA relationship is an expense rather than a source of business growth, additional profit and increased salable market value.

* 9. The single biggest issue (or concern) my business has right now:

* 10. Would you like to see your score with interpretation?