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As delegates representing you, we need your input!

There are seven proposals to be decided at the GSUSA 55th National Council Session in July 2023.  Each is briefly summarized below and we would like to hear from as many GSCWM Girl Scouts as possible to help us prepare for debate and voting.

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* 1. Possibility of a Virtual National Council Session

This proposal would allow the possibility of virtual attendance for National Council Sessions and for Special Sessions of the National Council.  It would build on the 55th National Council Session being held virtually in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic - the first ever virtual National Council Session.  The proposal would build flexibility into our governing documents by amending the Constitution to allow for, but not require, virtual sessions which reflect a more efficient and agile meeting format.

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* 2. Constitutional Amendment on the Timing of Delegate Allotment

This proposal would amend the Constitution to simplify the process for councils as they choose National Council Delegates.  Currently, the number of delegates each council is allotted is based on their membership size as of September 30 in the year immediately preceding the regular session of the National Council.  This amendment would base delegate allocations on membership size as of September 30 two years preceding the regular session of the National Council to allow councils to more efficiently plan for and select their delegates.

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* 3. Constitutional Amendment:  Formula for Delegates

This proposal would create a constitutional amendment to help keep the number of delegates as close to 1,500 as possible while ensuring the number of delegates allocated to councils remains proportional to the council’s girl membership.  Each council is allocated two delegates.  Currently, an additional delegate is added for every 3,500 girl members and this proposal would change 3,500 to 1,000.  The proposal also includes changing current wording that allows changing this number to keep the total membership of the National Council no larger than 1,500 to keeping the total membership of the National Council as close to but not larger than 1,500.

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* 4. Council Representation on the National Board

This proposal would require the composition of the National Board to include three council CEOs currently employed as Chief Executive Officer of a chartered council.  A Council Executive who ceases to be employed as CEO of a chartered council will be deemed to have automatically resigned as a member of the National Board and the vacant position will be filled by a new Council Executive.

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* 5. Amend the Girl Scout Promise and Law to Use More Potent, Actionable Language

This proposal would amend the Preamble to the Constitution to delete the words “try”, “to”, and “do my best” and insert the word “will”, effective with Membership Year 2024.  The Promise would read:  “On my honor, I will serve God and my country, help people at all times, and live by the Girl Scout Law.  The Law would change to:  “I will be honest and fair…and will respect myself and others….”

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* 6. DEIRJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Racial Justice) Language Proposal

This proposal would amend the Preamble of the Constitution by inserting the words “and anti-racism” after the word “pluralism” so it would read: 


Girl Scouts advance diversity, pluralism, and anti-racism in our Movement and in the communities in which we live.

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* 7. Girl Scouts Gold Award Scholarship Fund

This proposal would fulfill the action taken by the National Council in 2020 and establish a donor-restricted fund that invests in the post-high school education of Gold Award Girl Scouts.  The National Board has been proactively fundraising to ensure scholarships are available to girls who earn the highest award in Girl Scouts.