Welcome to the fourth survey of the 2017 Town Plan update! Thanks for all your feedback on the previous surveys . This survey focuses on the City's future plans to tackle drainage problems in the City. The purpose of this survey is to broaden public input on the topic and to provide greater awareness of the ideas and options for the future.
The public hearing for this topic will be held by the Planning & Zoning Commission on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 @ 6:30PM (at 900 Saddletree Court). Responses in this survey will be compiled for the Commission and included in their packet for their review and discussion. In addition all citizens are invited to complete the survey and/or attend the public hearing to publicly express their ideas. No final decisions on the update of the City's Town Plan will be made until all public hearings have been completed and Planning & Zoning's recommendations are presented to City Council.

* 1. First and Last Name

* 2. What is your street address?

Note: In previous surveys personal information like name and address have been kept private and secure. For the purpose of this survey City staff may use your address to contact you if you have information for the proposed projects. The City knows that residents can provide great information to the City and KFW Engineering on tackling the City's drainage problems.

* 3.
While the City has long had concerns with flooding, it has always lacked the funds to tackle any major undertaking. In 2017, the City hired KFW Engineers & Surveying to conduct an up-to-date drainage study using the latest tools and methods. In September KFW presented their findings to the Planning & Zoning Commission and provided a list of recommended projects and their potential costs. (Note: Some proposed solutions may require securing a drainage easement or homeowner permission to make improvements on private property.)

The most expensive drainage project is to solve flooding in the vicinity of Turkey Creek. Here is video that models homes in the vicinity of Turkey Creek being impacted by 25-Year flood event:

We want your thoughts for how the City should proceed and your thoughts on the recommended projects (especially if you live near them). 

First, do you feel that the City currently has a problem with drainage and storm water runoff?

* 4. City staff researched that the last three big flood events for the City were the "Christmas Flood" in December 1991, heavy rains in October 1998 and Tropical Storm Charlie in July 2002.

The National Weather Service records show that 10 to 15 inches of rain fell in the Shavano Park area in October 1998 while nearly 10 inches of rain fell in July 2002. Staff have heard from many residents about their experiences in these past floods and have found pictures of the flooding among the records in City Hall.

Were you a resident of Shavano Park during any of the these three events? If so, what were your experiences? For which events you were a resident (you can select all or none) and then provide any other details of your experiences in the comment box.
This sort of oral history will help improve our understanding of the drainage problems in the City and how best to tackle them.

* 5. You can view the KFW drainage study several ways. You can view the powerpoint Presentation (note only 25 year flood events are covered in this presentation). Or you can view the entire (both 25 and 100 year flood events) digitally through this link: KFW Drainage Study. This will takes you to a digital interactive map of the drainage study findings and KFW's recommended solutions. Take some time to look at the various projects near your home and across the City.

Note: Some may have difficulties viewing the GIS web portal with their web browser. You will need to have Adobe Flash installed to view. To download: Get Flash also see the Adobe Flash help guide.

In addition to the areas identified by KFW you viewed above, are you aware of any additional drainage areas not noted by our City Engineers that also have significant drainage and storm water runoff problems? If so, Please provide an address or clear description of the location.

* 6. After viewing the KFW Drainage Study GIS, what are your thoughts on their findings or solutions? Where you surprised by the findings or did you expect these results?

This is an open ended question, feel free to provide any feedback on the study or this survey.

* 7. While there is never enough money to solve every drainage problem, the City finally has a sizable reserve dedicated to solving the City's drainage problem - about $1.5 million. While this is a large reserve, it is unable to pay for every improvement recommended by the 2017 KFW Study. The Total estimate cost of the KFW recommended solutions is in excess of $7 million.

How supportive are you of the City spending money on fixing drainage problems?