* 2. Please list  your BEHIND THE WHEEL instructor.

* 3. The instructor gave me and other students clear, concise directions and explanations.

* 4. The instructor was knowledgeable of driving techniques and communicates well with teens.

* 5. The instructor actively involved the backseat observer during driving sessions.

* 6. Did you complete 6 hours of Behind the Wheel instruction in the Driver Education Car?

* 7. Check all the driving lessons that were covered during your behind the wheel instruction

  Yes No
Steering and Control
Braking and Stopping
Speed Control
Turning Right/Left
Rural/Open Highway
2 & 3 point Turns
Expressway Driving
City/Heavy Traffic
Right of Way Rules
Lane Changing
Checking Traffic
2 Second Rule
Space Cushion
Use of Mirrors
Checking Blind Spots

* 8. Was the instructor on time for your driving lessons?

* 9. How long of a break did the instructor allow during your behind the wheel training?

* 10. Your feedback is very important to us . Please feel free to share any comments or suggestions.