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* 1. What area of your day to day finances causes the most questions for you?

* 2. What area of your long term finances causes the most questions for you?

* 3. When seeking answers to financial questions, who would you most likely turn to for advice or help?

* 4. Do you see your faith and your finances as overlapping?

* 5. Rank, in order of importance, the reasons that you are motivated to take control of your finances. (Four is most motivational; one is least motivational.)

  One Two Three Four
The ability to meet financial goals for my family
The ability to give more freely
The ability to be free from daily financial anxiety
The ability to remove financial stress from my relationship with my spouse

* 6. Of the options below, which features would you find most beneficial when visiting a financial website?

  Very Beneficial Possibly Beneficial Would Not Use
Budgeting Guides
Financial tools and calculators
Links to other sites
Simple explantations of financial concepts
Advice about specific questions
Guidance to build a step by step financial plan
Online community that shares questions and advice
Weekly blogs from an expert
Weekly devotionals for my email
Help with church group curriculum
Systems to help me train my child to manage money
Systems to help me communicate with my spouse about money
Systems for financial goal setting
Input on God's role in my financial life
Links to ministries where I could give

* 7. Of all these online options, choose TWO that would most motivate you to use a financial website.

* 8. In your family, who would be the most likely to consult a website for financial advice?

* 9. If a financial advice website offered subscriptions for expanded advice and services, what would you expect to pay?

* 10. Please give us feedback on other financial websites that you enjoy using or have consulted in the past:

* 11. I am:

* 12. My age range is:

* 13. My marital status is:

* 14. My family situation involves (choose as many as apply):

* 15. My church participation includes:

* 16. My income level is:

* 17. My highest level of completed education is:

* 18. I heard about masteryourmoney.com from: