* 1. Your name?

* 2. Professor and class you are working with?

* 3. How often have you met with the students in the class you are tutoring this semester?

* 4. Are meetings with the students in your class optional, required, or a bit of both?

* 5. Have you used the CTLR as a meeting place for tutoring this semester?
If not, where do you meet?
What do you like about that location?

* 6. Have you used any of the resources on our blog, on our facebook group, or on our website? If so, what have you used?
How could we improve our online presences to better support you?

* 7. Please include any information that you think may be helpful, or ask any questions you may have.

* 8. Do you have a pretty good sense of your professor's writing expectations for the class and your professor's tutoring expectations for you?

* 9. Do you think you are benefiting from the experience of being a peer writing tutor? If so, how?