Gauging interest in a course for expert-programmers

I am gauging interest in teaching a for-pay course for expert-programmers taught by myself, Cliff Click.
Who am I? is a good place to start, and so is Googling Cliff Click.

Topics could include (but not limited to): High Performance from understanding the low levels, Machine Learning & AI, Domain Specific Language hacking, Parallel & Distributed Computing and Debugging, Virtual Machines, Code Generation (JIT'ing), Build Systems & Team Dynamics, Coding for Progress, Coding for Speed, Coding for Maintenance.

This course would be taught in the San Francisco Bay Area, including SF proper, San Jose, Berkeley and nearby cities.

* 1. What level of programmer do you consider yourself?

* 2. Are you interested in paying for a course to improve your coding skills?

* 3. What level of cost/commitment interests you?

* 4. Online vs In-Real-Life

* 5. What would you like to learn?  
(Limited to computers and programming - my Klingon is pretty bad!!!)

* 6. How can I reach you?