* 1. One component of JU's Quality Enhancement Plan is Character: JU students and faculty will develop and apply an Honor Code to which all will adhere. As we develop this Honor Code, we need to collect baseline data - how much academic dishonesty is there on campus? To balance the need for information with the sensitive nature of this information, both with respect to the student and faculty, THIS SURVEY HAS ONLY ONE MANDATORY QUESTION - #2 asks for a simple description of the nature of the incidence. ALL OTHER QUESTIONS (INCLUDING THIS ONE) ARE ENTIRELY OPTIONAL - you can provide as little or as much information as you are comfortable with. However, you cannot go back and change information related to a reported incident once the survey is complete. You may take this survey as many times as is necessary - please complete one survey per student, per event. This survey is only available to faculty at Jacksonville University.

* 2. Nature of academic dishonesty - indicate all that apply. Use the "Other" field to describe alternative incidents or elaborate/explain a checked incident.

* 3. College or School

* 4. Course type

* 5. Detailed information - all are optional

* 6. Nature of action taken - indicate all that apply. Use the "Other" field to describe alternative actions taken or elaborate/explain a checked action.