Fall 2013 AGS Faculty Academic Support Needs

Thank you for visiting our needs assessment survey. Please answer just a few questions about how tutoring services can best support your students' academic success.

* 1. In which AGS program do you teach?

* 2. For which academic skills do your students need the most tutoring and support?

* 3. Please list the classes in your discipline that your students struggle with the most:

* 4. Please list 2-3 tips for student success in your classes (example: students should study my practice problems for exams, students should concentrate on organization in their final essay, etc.):

* 5. If you would like the Outreach Librarian or Academic Support Services Coordinator to create instructional materials (handouts, video tutorials, etc.) for specific assignments in your classes, please provide your email address:

* 6. Do you have any comments or suggestions for the new AGS online tutoring program?