* 1. Would you prefer our CPD courses to be accredited? This would mean that you would have to pass assignments both during and after the course. If accreditation is by a university, you would be awarded 5 credits (for a 2 day course) transferable to count towards, for example, a university certificate (60 credits). Other awarding bodies would just provide a Certificate rather than credits, but also provide Quality Assessment procedures and 'kite mark' the course. IEEM is going to offer accrediated courses soon - should we do so too?

* 2. If you said 'Yes' to question 1 go to question 3; if you said 'No' or 'Undecided' please brielfy explain why

* 3. Would you prefer accreditation by :

* 4. How much extra would you be prepared to pay for an accredited course per course? (to cover the accrediting body's fees and extra tutor time in admin & devising and marking assignments) Our courses are typically £160-200 for 2 days without accreditation.

* 5. Do you have any other comments?