PCCEP Community Agenda Input Form

City of Portland, Oregon

Please provide agenda input to the Portland Committee on Community-Engaged Policing. We would like to know what you want to see on our upcoming agendas.

PCCEP observes Public Meetings Law for all subcommittee and full-committee meetings, and is required to post agendas with sufficient public notice. To meet our planning and notice timelines, we request that agenda input be submitted 3 weeks in advance to be considered for a meeting.

If you have any questions about community agenda input, please email PCCEPinfo@portlandoregon.gov.
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The Portland Committee on Community-Engaged Policing (PCCEP) takes agenda input from the community so you can let us know what you'd like to hear discussed in our meetings. We forward this input to PCCEP co-chairs and/or subcommittee co-chairs. If it relates to something that you would like to be discussed by the full committee, the comment will be forwarded to the full PCCEP co-chairs for consideration. If it relates to something that you would like to be discussed by a specific PCCEP subcommittee, the comment will be sent to the co-chairs of that subcommittee for consideration. 
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