Welcome to the Season 10 Sign up for UPL F1!

This will be the sign up survey for the 10th Season in UPL F1 and our Final on PS4 (Tbc). We WILL be getting underway for a 10th instalment on 6th November, for Pre-Season, with the Main Seasons starting a Week later on the 13th of November. The race times are as follows - F2 - Fridays 6:30pm BST
F1 - Fridays 8pm BST

Season Info
Both tiers will be running this format for this season -
F2: Short Quali with a 50% Distance Race
F1: Short Quali with a 50% Distance Race

We allow drivers of all abilities (assist and no assists) to join the league and our 2nd Tier does not require any form of experience in League Racing.

All of our tiers will be Streamed Live to our official YouTube channel with a full commentary team for each race. We feel this is one of the most important parts of our league and put alot of focus towards it. We are one of very few leagues that do this aswell across multiple tiers. We offer very detailed standings after each race that also will now run alongside Manufacturer Standings (Mercedes, Honda, Ferrari & Renault), Teammate Head 2 Head Standings and also your own personal stats that we record. Teams will also now have there own ‘Youth Teams’ were drivers can fill in and score points for a constructor in the tier above them.

We will also be introducing a New Premium Membership System for the new season. This season Premium will start at a bargain of £5 for the whole season and will provide the following- Guaranteed race seat, free choice of team and a custom Gold Name in the standings.

We are delighted to Announce Trophies will be returning for Season 10. The Drivers and Constructors Championship Winners will be awarded with actual physical trophies that will be paid for and delivered by us at UPL. Only drivers from the select countries will be eligible due to Delivery Cost: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Spain

After every race and session for this season there will be a new Review/Preview Show on YouTube called ‘The UPL Notebook’. Hosted by CJH87_LeClerc, the show will discuss all the action in UPL Team by Team by the Round this season

The new season will be 15 Races with a Custom order for us to make the perfect season.


Round 1: Chinese Grand Prix 🇨🇳
Round 2: Japanese Grand Prix 🇯🇵
Round 3: Singapore Grand Prix 🇸🇬
Round 4: Russian Grand Prix 🇷🇺
Round 5: Bahrain Grand Prix 🇧🇭
Round 6: Dutch Grand Prix 🇳🇱
Round 7: Monaco Grand Prix 🇲🇨
Round 8: Austrian Grand Prix 🇦🇹
Round 9: British Grand Prix 🇬🇧
Round 10: Hungarian Grand Prix 🇭🇺
Round 11: Belgium Grand Prix 🇧🇪
Round 12: Italian Grand Prix 🇮🇹
Round 13: Canadian Grand Prix 🇨🇦
Round 14: Mexican Grand Prix 🇲🇽
Round 15: Brazilian Grand Prix 🇧🇷 - FINALE

Race times can be altered by a max of 1hr after or before due to unlikely major real life sporting events clashing. Races can also be Postponed

We will also have the Classic Tier for the 4th Season. Races are on Thursdays at 7pm BST with the Iconic Michael Schumacher Cars featuring.

Before you sign up you MUST READ THE NEW RULES AND REGULATIONS on the next Page