* 1. In planning our first Pinterest Party, I thought it would be good to consider what days people are available?

* 2. What time of day would work for you if it was a weekend?

* 3. What time of day would it be best for you if it were a week day?

* 4. What would a Pinterest Party be without food? Which method would you prefer?

* 5. As far as crafting (which is what this is ALL ABOUT!!) which would you prefer?

* 6. Should we go on a theme? For example "spring," a type of craft like "fabric creations," or some other such thing?

* 7. Would you like to have each of us bring a completed item we made off Pinterest to "Swap"/"Share" with the group? Something we could trade off at the end of the event? Hidden/wrapped...say you get a number and then pick a bag? That sort of thing?

* 8. Please put your name, email address here so I know who's free for what, would like to do what, etc! <3