A Brief Survey for a New Computer Science Book

We are planning a new book on Computer Science to help explore and understand the beauty of Computer Science. The book is primarily targeted towards non-Computer Science majors. We thought we will ask you what you like to see in it.

We don't collect or use any personally identifying information. The information is collected to improve the contents of the book.

We really appreciate your response!! Thank you for your time.

* 1. You are a: (please select the most appropriate option)

* 2. If you are a student, tell us your major. For others, your area of specialization:

* 3. Are you male or female? (this information is used for making the book interesting for each group)

* 4. Which category below includes your age? (this information is used for making the book interesting for each group)

* 5. Regarding the content of the book, how do you rate your interest in the following topics? (It is ok to be not sure)

  Not Sure Low Medium High
Data Representation and Binary Numbers
Data Structures
Computer Hardware
Computer Graphics
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Networking
Computer Security
Usability and Human Computer Interaction
Software Engineering

* 6. Suggest additional topics for consideration: (Also include emerging topics)

* 7. Computing connects to many different areas. For which of the following
topics would you (or your students) be interested in seeing these connections?

* 8. Your preference for different book formats:

  Like Don't Mind Can't Stand
Downloadable PDF
Web (Desktop)
Web (Mobile)
Kindle or Other E-Reader

* 9. Your open comments for authors: (we really like to know your expectations of this book)