The Cleveland Game Dev Meetup group organizers are collecting info to improve the events we hold. Please let us know what you think, be honest and we'll use it to help us plan more events. Thanks for your time!

* 1. What is your zip code?

* 2. Have you attended any of the CGD workshops or events this past year? If "No", why not?

* 3. What workshop or event content was valuable to you?

* 4. What topics would you like to see at future workshop events?

* 5. What can the CGD organizers do to improve the quality of the Meetup?

* 6. What did you think about the Summer Game Jam ticket pricing?

* 7. Did you attend the Summer Game Jam? If "No", why not?

* 8. Were you satisfied with the Summer Game Jam event? Was there anything that could be improved?

* 9. If I could change one thing about the Summer Game Jam it would be...

* 10. If I could keep one thing the same about Summer Game Jam it would be...