Thank you so much for helping me shape the product mix for the new store! I am trying to build the best selection I can for opening day, and I will tweak it as you shop it and make further requests.

In many categories, I have a good sense as to the best choices for opening. In others, I know experts, and they are helping me. For instance, my mother is guiding my choices for the notions department, as she sews, embroiders, knits and quilts.

Following are some categories for which I do need help with, and some open ended questions about what you want in the new store.

Again, thanks so much for taking the time to help me out.

Otto Leuschel

* 1. Are there any specific brands or types of products you’d like to see in Health & Wellness: (medical products, cold & cough, pain relievers, ointments, vitamins, etc.)?

* 2. What type and what brands of vitamins or supplements would you like to see offered?

* 3. What magazines would you like to buy at Germantown Variety?

* 4. What are your favorite brands of household cleaners, and what specific products would you like to see at the store?

* 5. What kind of pet food do you buy?

* 6. What pet products would you like to find at the store?

* 7. Are there any other products you hope to find at the store?

* 8. What are some particular lines or products you want to see in the body care department?

* 9. What are your favorite toothpastes, mouthwashes, and dental care products?

* 10. Any other suggestions for the store?