Here is our third and final quiz about just how much things have changed in Sandpoint in these past 30 years! It's a fun challenge for oldtimers, and a fun bit of education for new arrivals here.
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sandpoint Magazine, we've posted three, 10-question quizzes over the past few months. And we've been giving away prizes each time. You get one entry in our prize drawing just for taking the quiz - plus an additional entry for each correct answer you get. Winner of this month's drawing will get a $50 certificate to MickDuff's Brewpub, and we'll draw the winner on February 25. Then, win or lose this month, all entries go into a grand prize drawing on March 1 for $300 in cash

Important note: You can take this quiz only once to gain entries in the prize drawing. Now, scroll down to the questions to see how well you know Sandpoint!

*If you missed our first two quizzes, you can still take them just for fun (though it won't win you any more entries in the contest). Click to What's Changed? Quiz No 1 or What's Changed? Quiz No 2
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