CEDS Public Input

Northeast Colorado Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2024

1.What are your overall impressions of the proposed Community Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)?
2.Do you feel the CEDS addresses the most pressing economic issues in our community? Why or why not?
3.Are there any aspects of the CEDS that you believe need more attention or improvement?
4.Strengths and Weaknesses: Do you agree with the identified strengths and weakness of our community's economy? Are there any additional strengths or weaknesses that should be included
5.Opportunities and Threats: Are the opportunities and threats listed in the CEDS comprehensive and relevant? What other opportunities or threats should b considered?
6.Goals and Objectives: Do the goals and objectives outlined in CEDS align with your vision for the community's economic future? Which goals and objectives are most important to you?
7.Strategies: Are the proposed strategies and initiatives in the CEDS realistic and achievable? What strategies do you think should be prioritized?
8.How do you think the CEDS will impact local business and job creation?
9.In what ways do you believe the CEDS will affect the quality of life for residents in our community?
10.Are there specific groups or demographics in our community that you feel the CEDS should focus more on?
11.What are your overall impressions of the proposed Community Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)?
12.What Role do you see for local businesses, educational institutions, and non-profits in supporting the CEDS?
13.Are there existing community resources or partnerships that you think should be leveraged more effectively?
14.How should the progress of CEDS be measured and reported to the community?
15.What mechanisms would you suggest for ongoing community feedback and engagement throughout the implementation of the CEDS?
16.Are there any other comments or suggestions you would like to provide regarding the CEDS?
17.Do you have any examples of successful economic development strategies from other community's needs and aspirations, promoting a collaborative approach to economic development?