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What is bikeshare?

RIDE Solutions is working with Zagster Bikeshare to bring their awesome program to the Roanoke Valley.  If you are unfamiliar with bikesharing, here is how it works: For a small membership fee, you have access to a network of bikes parked at stations across the community.  Your membership would allow you to check out a bike from a station and ride it on a one-way trip to any other station in the network, or on a round trip back to the original station, for no additional cost if your trip time is under a certain time limit - usually 30 minutes.  Ride time can be extended in additional increments with a small fee, usually $2 for every additional 30 minutes.

The bicycles in the system would be comfortable upright-riding bikes with racks and baskets, designed for practical trips like shopping, commuting, and social trips.  Recreational riding on paved greenways would also be available.

Stations are generally located in high-traffic areas like neighborhood, employment, and retail locations.

RIDE Solutions has a conceptual plan in the works but would like more information on if, how, and where you might make use of a bikeshare system.

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* 1. Please review the "What is bikeshare?" description above.  Given that description, how interested would you be in becoming a bikeshare member?

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* 2. If a bikeshare program was available to you, what kinds of trips would you expect to make using the system (check all that apply)

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* 3. Bikeshare systems work under a membership system with an annual or monthly fee.  Please rank the membership structure below in order from your most preferred (1) to your least preferred (7).

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* 4. Please share any thoughts you might have about what would make bikeshare useful and attractive to you.

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* 5. To be entered into the drawing, please complete the information below.  Complete rules for the 5-Second Survey prize drawing can be found at www.ridesolutions.org.