We've all experienced a tremendous amount of change and transformation since early 2020. 

And because we expect the pace of change to continue to accelerate at an exponential rate as we move into the Age of AI, we are measuring how the perspective individuals and teams have about the future impact their marketing and sale activies in the present moment. 

The insights we gain from the Future Growth Index will be used to provide individuals, teams, organizations, and even account holders, strategic thinking tools that provide clarity while increasing their courage to commit to move forward into the future with confidence every 90 days. 

About this survey

This survey is specifically designed to be completed by marketing, sales, and leadership team members who are responsible for the future growth of your organization.

At the end of the survey, there are a few, optional open-ended questions that you can answer if you’d like to be quoted in our report with a link to your website. 

In the first section, we ask for some demographic information so that we can segment and analyze the results by type of business, company size, etc. We’re also asking for your contact information so that we can share the final report with you and quote you properly if you choose to answer the final open-ended questions.

In the second section, we ask multiple-choice survey questions. Results from this section will be anonymized and shared in aggregate; your individual answers will not be shared.

Upon completion, you'll be redirected to the aggregated, anonymous results published on Benchmark Groups. By signing up for free, you can anonymously compare your company's performance against similar entities

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