In order for you to use Handshake, you must agree to the terms outlined in this statement of understanding.

* 1. I hereby abide by the following: I will provide accurate and honest information about my education, experience, grades, and qualifications on my Handshake Profile and any application materials on my honor as a WFU student. I will interview with employers in which I am interested and for which I will perform adequate research. I will accept an offer for employment or internship (should one be extended for a position in which I am interested) in good faith, with the full intention of honoring my commitment. I will withdraw from the recruiting process immediately upon accepting a job offer and notify employers after making my decision, if I still have outstanding offers or interviews. I will contact my career coach within one business day of accepting a job offer. Should I consider reneging on my acceptance of a job offer or if an employer rescinds my job offer, I will contact Employer Relations.

* 2. I understand that the Wake Forest career offices are not an employment agency and do not act as an agent on behalf of any student or employer. Wake Forest is not responsible for determining whether an employment opportunity is suitable for me, nor is it responsible for evaluating positions posted on Handshake or for the contents of the postings.

* 3. I hereby authorize Wake Forest to distribute my resume and registration information to any prospective employer, search firm, or placement agency. I understand that publishing my resume to the online resume book within Handshake could result in unsolicited contacts from prospective employers.

* 4. If an employer reports me as a “no show” for a scheduled on-campus interview, I understand that Wake Forest career offices have the right to deactivate my access including but not limited to: Handshake, career coaches, resources and services, access to on campus interviews, and access to previously scheduled interviews. I further understand that I will be required to send a written apology to the interviewer for missing my interview and that I will be required to copy the Director of Employer Relations on the message.

* 5. I understand that by choosing to make my job search documents public, they can be viewed by all employers who are registered on the system.

* 6. I understand that by choosing to make my profile public in Handshake, it can be viewed by all employers and they have the ability to message me through the system.

* 7. I understand that by choosing to list my GPA within my public profile, it can be viewed by all employers who are registered in the system.

* 8. I understand that I have the ability to message employers and Wake Forest staff as well as post comments on events. I will use professional judgment when communicating through these methods in the Handshake system and I understand that my access to Handshake may be removed for unprofessional communications.

* 9. Wake Forest Employer Relations makes every reasonable effort to check the legitimacy of employers and validity of opportunities posted on Handshake but are unable to research each person and organization who posts an opportunity for students: I understand that I must perform due diligence in researching employers when applying for or accepting private off-campus employment. I further understand that I am advised to not provide credit card or bank account information, or perform any sort of monetary transaction when applying to positions online.

* 10. By entering your email, I verify that I understand and agree to all of the above policies. (note: this must be the same email address as used in Handshake)