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We have an exciting, new focus group coming to Midtown Manhattan (NYC)! It involves testing new technologies, giving your opinion, and getting paid to do it!

If you know anyone 18-20 years old, we are offering $25 PER REFERRAL that participates in this project. The overall length is 3hrs (or less) for which you will receive $200+. There may be other opportunities for similar studies we have in the area to increase this amount as well!

Feel free to share this survey with any friends or family who may be interested in participating with you at the same time. Thanks for your time!

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* 1. Contact Info

Question Title

* 2. Did anyone refer you to this study? If so, please provide their name, email, and/or phone.

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* 3. Have you participated in market research before? If so, when?

Info Only - all answers will qualify!

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* 4. If you have participated in market research within the last 12 months, what was the topic? (OTHERS SKIP)

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* 5. Are you or is any member of your family employed in the following industries?

- An advertising, public relations, or marketing agency
- A marketing or marketing research firm
- TV, radio, magazine, newspaper or internet
- A public relations firm
- A manufacturer or distributor of technology


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* 6. Which of the following best represents your ethnic or racial background?

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