1. Survey of Professionals

Thank you for taking our survey which has been designed to aid in a student project at Miami University.

Disclaimer: This device would in no way substitute for a thorough medical assessment or medical intervention (i.e. PPI’s) but to work with medical intervention(s).

* 1. What is your profession?

* 2. How many patients do you see on a monthly basis?

* 3. How many of your patients suffer from a gag reflex condition?

* 4. Do you currently have a remedy in place for patients affected by their gag reflexes?

* 5. How many patients choose to use these remedies?

* 6. Would you purchase a product that can reduce / normalize the gag reflex of your patients?

* 7. If so, what value would you place on such a remedy per patient?

* 8. Would you or your practice be interested in testing a product that can reduce / normalize the gag reflex?

* 9. May we contact you?