Currently used methods for grape yield estimation

As a dynamic and globalized sector, the current wine industry requires precision tools to face the threats of the global market and structural weaknesses in the sector.
The VinBot European project aims to develop an autonomous robot to optimize the management of the vineyard and the quality of the grapes. As a precision viticulture tool, the robot will evaluate the vine vegetative growth, vigor and grape production through computer vision and other sensors.
This survey aims to collect information on the use of methods for grape yield estimation and corresponding users degree of satisfaction

* 1. How important is the yield estimation for your company?

* 2. What are the main reasons that justify the need for an yield estimation?

  1 - Not important 2 3 4 5 - Very important
Planning and organization of harvest.
Planning purchases and/or grape sales.
Grape prices establishment and wine stock management.
Planning crop thinning.
Investment planning.
Increase wine quality and market value.
Planning marketing strategies.

* 3. At which phenological stage you think it is important obtain the yield estimation?

  1 - Not important 2 3 4 5 - Very important
Before flowering.
Before veraison.
During the ripening period.
At harvest.
All above.

* 4. Do you use any method for grape yield estimation?

* 5. Which method do you use?

* 6. How precise is your method? (% error)

* 7. Evaluate the time required to run your method

* 8. Evaluate the cost to run your method.

* 9. What is your level of satisfaction with the results

* 10. Evaluate the need for new automated methods to estimate grape yield in a more precise way and less time-consuming.