* 1. Was your new tenant (our voucher participant) able to explain the Housing Choice Voucher program to you in an understandable way?

* 2. Comments or Recommendations

* 3. Was the Request for Tenancy Approval form (RFTA) and the Lead based Paint form easy to understand and complete?

* 4. Do you have any comments or recommendations that would help us to make our forms more understandable?

* 5. How did you submit the forms RFTA and Lead based Paint Addendum to Home Forward?

* 6. After turning in the RFTA and Lead Based Paint forms to Home Forward, how long was it before you were contacted by a Home Forward staff member to schedule a unit inspection?

* 7. How were you contacted by the Inspections Department to schedule the initial inspection?

* 8. During the Leasing and Inspections process would you describe your interactions with Home Forward staff as professional and courteous?

* 9. During the Leasing and Inspections process did Home Forward staff answer your questions clearly?

* 10. During the Leasing and Inspections process were Home Forward staff able to convey our processes and policies to you?

* 11. What was the most difficult part of the process for you?

* 12. What was the best part of the process for you?

* 13. Please share ideas you have to help us improve the experience of working with Home Forward

* 14. If you would like to receive our Landlord e-Newsletter please give us your name and email address

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