Under the Employment Equity Act, Federally regulated employers with 100 or more employees are required to report annually on the composition of their workforce as it relates to women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and aboriginal peoples. Employers are rated based on the composition of the employer’s workforce as it relates to the availability of members of the designated groups in the population.

At Halifax International Airport Authority, it is critical for success to remove barriers and promote the inclusion of all employees, including those from equity-seeking groups. We recognize that the act of identifying can be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, but as each of the perspectives below show us, self-identification is a necessary and important step to creating a robust and inclusive workforce. 

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* 1. Members of visible minorities are persons, other than Aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour, regardless of birthplace.

Based on this definition, are you a member of a visible minority group?

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* 2. Persons with disabilities are those that have a long-term or recurring physical, mental, sensory, psychiatric or learning impairment who:

a) consider themselves to be disadvantaged in employment by reason of that impairment or;

b) who believe that an employer or potential employer is likely to consider them to be disadvantaged in employment by reason of that impairment, as well as individuals with functional limitations due to their impairment that have been accommodated in their current job or workplace

Based on this definition, are you a person with a disability?

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* 3. An Aboriginal person is a North American Indian or a member of a First Nation, Métis or Inuit. North American Indians or members of a First Nation include treaty, status or registered Indians, as well as non-status and non-registered Indians.

Based on this definition, are you an Aboriginal person?

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* 4. Under the Employment Equity Act, women are a designated group.

Do you identify yourself as a woman?

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* 5. I choose to self-identify for recruitment purposes at Halifax International Airport Authority:

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